• Sofie Asquith

    "It is seriously amazing! I've never used a body grip before and I'm so chuffed with it. Thank you so so much, I really struggle with grip normally but I felt so secure in my holds and will recommend to all my pole friends! Can't wait for the subscription box too."

  • Kiley Letch - GBP Champ 2020

    "Had to try this before promoting and I'm very happy to promote this new grip - vegan and amazing on dry skin I'm SUPER impressed by this grippy little gel. A little goes  long way and it really gives you a great grip without feeling sticky! One application lasted so long."

  • Hayley Rosalind

    I’ve been using Body Spritz which has helped me to gain confidence in moves I would normally avoid. You don’t need much at all which is great so the product will last ages! I love the Rose scent too🥰 Will definitely keep continuing to use throughout my pole training!

  • Sallie Cinammon

    "So I trialled this yesterday - I put it on at home when I was getting ready for work - I taught for 6 hrs and trained for 2 and I absolutely loved it! This is a gel body grip I only needed a small amount and it left my skin grippy but not tacky! I didn't reapply it at all yesterday - I could still move around the pole without ripping my skin and even better it leaves no disgusting residue on the pole! I think I might love it."

  • Alex Sloan

    "I've used the new body power gel today...and oh my days it's amazing!! Personally, sometimes I struggle to grip to the pole because I have really dry/eczema prone skin, especially this time of year!! As you can see from the video in my ~pdcrosskneerelease I was not going anywhere!!

  • Steffani

    Good value for money, excellent communication throughout the process.

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